Monday, 6 April 2015

Love Letter to Instagram

Dear Instagram,

I am in love with you.

You helped me stay sane and gave me a creative outlet when my twins were tiny, all I did was feed babies, and I didn't even have time to write down a To Do list (those who know me, know that this is a very big deal, I am obsessed with lists).  For the first few months after my twins were born, there was no piano practice, I mainly sang lullabies (okay, show tunes and Beatles tunes, these are the lullabies we prefer), and I definitely was not hauling out my paints and easel. Taking and editing pictures on my phone could be done with one hand, while breastfeeding. Amazing.

You help me meet like minded people all over the world, people with twins, people with Autism, tired moms (this is all moms), creative people looking for the beauty in every day, minimalists, people with beautiful houses that I love to snoop in, professional photographers that completely inspire me, chefs that create amazing food and definitely feed my food obsession, people who are able travel and take me with them through their photos, I could go on and on. I have made friends online that I have not met in real life. People that I enjoy talking with and learning from. My friend from Singapore makes me laugh and makes me think. I have a few Mom friends from Maine and Minnesota that understand my love/hate relationship with winter. I have friends from Sweden and Austria that give me a glimpse into a part of the world and a way of living that I greatly admire. I have friends in Australia that remind me of what a beautiful part of the world that is, filled with friendly lovely people, and remind me that I need to go back.

You help me to keep in touch with family that lives far away, and want to be able to see snipets of my boys growing up and what we are up to in our corner of the world. Children grow fast, and constantly do hilarious things. I do have a lovely DSLR Camera that Santa was so kind to give me last year. I use it a few times a week, and it takes gorgeous crisp shots. The reality is, I cannot lug my expensive camera with me everywhere. I have tried. Once, when visiting with family at West Edmonton Mall, my camera took a spill and I had to have a lens replaced. Sad times. My smart phone, I always have with me. Easy Peasy. Pictures everywhere. Sorry Husband (not a picture fan).

You help me keep in touch with friends that live far away, which since we have moved a few times, are more than I would like. I absolutely love when friends post pictures of their day, their food, their trips, their kids, their pets, their clothes... anything. It helps me miss them less. Oh, and I love SELFIES! That is right, I think that selfies are not evil, but wonderful. I would much rather see pictures of the beautiful faces of my friends than airbrushed photoshopped models that we get to see in advertisements (less fake more real please).

You help me keep a visual and written record of my life. Do I have time to write in a journal? Certainly not. Remember that I didn't have time to write To Do lists? I love looking back at the hilarious stuff that my kids get up to, pretty places we have visited, special people who have visited us. I do print my pictures in books as well, so I can look at them that way. The kids love it. Want to distract a toddler? Show him pictures of himself. Works every time!

You help me to look for something positive and beautiful every day. It is always there. Taking photos with my phone has really helped me to become a more mindful and grateful person, because I am always searching for humour and beauty in ordinary circumstance. The best part about this, I have learned that it is easy to find! The world is amazing. I find it impossible to be bored. There is always something to see or do or learn.

Most importantly, you help me live my dream of being a food stylist and food photographer. I have always thought that beautiful food tastes better. I don't even care if people judge me for taking pictures of my food.  I love food. All food. It is my blessing and my curse. I love to cook and bake and take pictures of the things that I cook and bake and force people to look at them on Instagram. You are welcome world.

Thank you Instagram.


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  1. I love Instagram for all these reasons, too. And I feel like I got a shout-out (Minnesota winter-hater right here)!

    1. You totally got a shout-out. I feel like we understand each other on a deeper level just because we live in winter for half the year!

  2. Ohhhhh I love this. Am I one of the fellow twin mama's hating winter from Maine!!? This is perfect. I'm kinda in-love with insta, too!