Saturday, 30 May 2015

6 Reasons a Private Music Recital is the best experience ever.

Today I had my Spring Recital for my little studio. In the past I have had as many as 38 students performing in 2 separate recitals (because it would get too long). I must say I am enjoying my small studio. It is what I can handle at this time in my life when my children are so demanding, I mean charming. I have always had my recitals in a church or my home, this year we had it in a new venue, Gigspace Performance Studio. It was perfect. My piano students enjoyed playing on a stage, on a gorgeous piano, with spotlights and everything. Oh the glamour! Everyone looked their best and played their best. There were some truly impressive and truly adorable moments, AND I got flowers. Best day.

You will never be as loved and supported in a musical performance as you are in a private studio recital. This is the truth. I have no idea how many recitals I have attended as a teacher, a performer, a family member, or a friend. Each time I leave feeling great, like everyone in the world is lovely and life is sunny. It is a fantastic feeling. Whatever nerves were plaguing you beforehand are forgiven. It is all worth it.

 6 Reasons a Private Music Recital is the best experience ever,

1. Everyone in the room wants you to succeed. EVERYONE. Your teacher, your parents, your friends, your family. Those are a given. What you don't realize is that fellow students want you to succeed as well. Even someone else's Grandma. She is crossing her fingers that you remember all that you have practiced. In a world that can be jealous, competitive, and sometimes unkind, a music recital full of people smiling at you and willing you to succeed is an amazing gift!

2. When you put in hard work, the rewards are greater. This is a fact. Learning an instrument or training your voice are not for sissies or lazy people. It is hard work! The hours of practice, the days when you are frustrated, the times when you don't want to go to your lesson because you are exhausted, these are all reasons to celebrate. Celebrate because you persevered! Even if your mom made you, you did it! Showing off your hard earned skill feels great!

3. It is a chance to overcome the greatest of all human fears. I know this doesn't sound that wonderful, but it is! Fear of Public Speaking is ranked as the number one human fear. Above death (really?). So, singing or playing the piano in front of an audience must be just as bad or worse. You get to deal with nerves, and eventually learn to channel your nerves into your performance, the ultimate skill! Working through your fears makes you powerful!

4. You have a chance to be inspired. Remember when you were a little kid, you went to your recital, and the older cool student that you secretly wanted to be just like sang that amazing song and you went home and practiced your little heart out? That. Motivation. There is nothing so motivating as hearing where you could be in a few years if you keep at it.

5. You have a chance to be an inspiration. Maybe you are the cool older student. Make a younger student's day by telling them that they did a good job! Maybe you are an adult student and you have NO IDEA how inspiring you are. People always tell me how impressed they are by adult students. If you can juggle life and learn a new instrument, you are amazing.

6. Making and sharing music brings joy. I really can't think of anything more jubilant that sharing music in a live setting. It is a wonderful experience for both the performer and the audience. Recording music is fun, and listening to recorded music brightens many of my days, but nothing can replace live music. It is sharing a part of your heart with others.

Today's recital had a few highlights for me. An adult student who overcame a lot of nerves and played a beautiful waltz, students who are preparing for exams and just nailed their pieces (what a relief for their teacher), a young student who couldn't help but dance when the music was fun, and a student who turned and made eye contact and smiled at me in her favourite part of the song (completely adorable). I played Blue Charlie Brown, which is one of my favourite summery fun tunes. Everyone had a great time, because a music recital is the best experience ever!

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