Sunday, 3 May 2015

I Don't Have Time to Paint & Other Truths

Today started out perfect. I slept until 10 am. Husband woke me up with breakfast in bed and the kids soon joined me for cuddles. It is sunny and gorgeous outside. A day full of possibility. Breakfast in bed may have been a bribe so that Husband could go to The Avengers: Age of Ultron. I like bribes. They work for me. Still sunny.

Husband left for the movies. Husband also left an almost entire carton of eggs on the counter within reach of the children.  By the time I made it to the kitchen, the eggs had all been murdered. I can only imagine how fun it would be to have an egg fight IN YOUR HOUSE with your brothers. Eggs. Everywhere. Was this breakfast in bed really worth it? My answer was still yes. Started cleaning up the eggs.

While I cleaned up the kitchen, one of my children discovered that if you put an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet, it becomes a fun sort of mush that sticks to walls and ceilings. This is why I take pictures of my children when they are sleeping. For moments like this.
Look, what an angel. Sleeping with his "Tiny WhyPad" last night. Before the discovery of toilet paper balls. We were so innocent then.

Cleaned up the bathroom. Bathroom still smells like wet dog. Will deal with that later.

SERIOUSLY THOUGH, while I was cleaning up the bathroom...
My baby boys pulled out all the recycling. I assume that they were planning on putting it all back again after they read the labels. Notice the laundry basket full of laundry to put away in the bottom right corner. One of 4 today, 9 loads. Also notice the quote on my wall that has saved many lives and many days. If you want to be happy, be. Thanks, Tolstoy. Not pictured, the recycling that the boys shoved down the heating vent. On the plus side, I found the Flash. He had been missing for a while. It looks like he is okay, judging by the wave he is giving me. That leg definitely looks broken though.
Somehow, I am still thinking that breakfast in bed was worth it, and I have not cried yet. This is when I discover the eggs mashed into my living room carpet. I cry a little. By now the kids are hungry and grumpy and probably exhausted from the impressive level of destruction that they have accomplished in one morning. I make them a lunch consisting of left overs from last night and eat some spoonfuls of macaroni salad standing over the sink. 

This is when I decide that I need some music therapy. Today was Mumford and Sons. LOUD. Sometimes you just need angry vocals and banjo. I am still not sure what I think of their new album and find myself wondering how they got so angsty. It definitely helped. Husband came home to loud angry music, the smell of cleaning products, and me wearing my best, pajamas and a hairstyle that I like to call, I have not brushed my teeth either. Twins are now napping and Husband has taken Mr. K out so that I can have some peace. 

All in all, I don't think that today is terrible. It is not even half over. Who knows what other messes I will get to clean up? My children are delightful, healthy, and mischievous. Husband is much the same. We all love each other. And I definitely don't have time to paint. 


  1. Props to you for keeping your cool as long as you did. Love your Tolstoy quote. I have a framed quote from Alice and Wonderland that says, "We're all mad here." For some reason I find it comforting in moments of madness and think, yep quote, you are so true. Hope you have a lovely rest of the day :)

    1. Quotes save lives. That is a great one too! The rest of my day was lovely. Thanks!

  2. Hilarious. Boys are so different from girls. Luc will be the death of me. He's a monster. So basically, I feel 1/3 of your pain, love. Haha