Friday, 15 May 2015

Remember when we got married? Evolution Of a Wedding Song

Today, I have been married for 13 years, to a man that I have been in love with since I was 16. Time flies when you are having fun! Husband, you are the man of my dreams, my best friend, and a fantastic father to our boys. I am a lucky lucky lady!

Remember when we got married?

We had a large beautiful wedding. Family from as far as New Brunswick (foreshadowing) came to celebrate with us. I am glad that we were married so young. I know that I would not have wanted all that fuss if we had waited. Also, when you know, YOU KNOW. Why wait? Life is short. Jump in!

Apparently, infants were allowed to get married in 2002.

Gerbera Daisies, why do you make me so happy?

My sisters are both fantastic vocalists, so naturally, I wanted them to sing at my wedding. I had recently returned from backpacking in Australia. While there, I discovered a beautiful version of Erik Satie's Gymnopedie 1. What was normally a sparse right hand piano melody, had been set to lyrics and sung by Charlotte Church (I know I know). I am in love with everything I have ever heard, performed, or learned by Erik Satie. Even his nonsense cabaret songs for soprano. I once sang, en Francais, about buttering a clock and wearing a hat whilst being late or something similar? I listened to Gymnopedie 1 on repeat while flying home. It is a long trip, I had it memorized by the time I was back in Edmonton.

I decided that this must be a song at my wedding. Also at my funeral. It is haunting and beautiful and not what you would expect from a love song. I adore it for all these reasons. Sisters, will you sing this at my funeral? If everything goes to plan, you will be in your 90s, and I don't care if you do a good job because I will be dead. 

Of course, *no sheet music exists for this, and the lyrics don't exactly fit anyway, and it is not a duet. First, I chopped it up to fit my vision. My students and I lovingly refer to this as a "Frankenstein Song."

*Oh hey! I just did a little search online and I found it, as a solo. I can print it off right now for $5.75. Different times. It was also a new release in 2002, and had not made it to print yet. I worked in a music store. I knew these things.

Oh my word. My scribbles on the right as I tried to figure out a proper key and transpose this mess. This present day harmony teacher shakes her head. 

Then, on my lunch breaks from Gordon Price Music (which no longer exists- Whyte Ave what?), I was transcribing by hand this song for my wedding. Evidently I got tired, or busy, or felt entitled, because 3/4 of the way through my mom took over. 

Thanks Mom. 

Then someone let us use their fancy pants software to print it out more legibly. These were the olden days when we only had dial up in our basement and no one had any music programs because they were expensive. We didn't care about details like proper instrument labelling. We are big picture people. It was clear enough for Aunt Michelle to play (thank you Michelle), we were happy. 

Jess, you can be the flute, and Adri must try to sound like a violoncello. 

It all turned out lovely. My sisters are champs and their rendition was perfect. It really was a highlight of the reception for me. Other things that happened were not as nice. We stood in a receiving line for HOURS and then my plate of food was taken away before I had a chance to eat it. Brand New Husband and I tried to sneak away near the end of the dance unnoticed, but then had to call his mom (honestly) from the Fantasy Land Hotel (glamour) because the room was a gift and had our names spelled wrong. They also needed to see her credit card. So romantic. I had hives from pure nervousness that appeared the night before the wedding. My employer was strict and would only give me one day off work, plus the weekend. Good times. 

Just over a year from our wedding day, we hopped in our 2 door Ford Escort and drove all the way to New Brunswick and have not really looked back since. So I am glad that our big, pretty wedding happened. It was special. 

Dear Husband, 

I have recorded our wedding song, From Our First Moment, for you. I bribed Mr. K with chips so that he would leave me alone while the twins were napping. I love you more every day. You are my world. Thank you for being my partner in this adventure we call life.


P.S. Sisters, this song is hard. Hats off to you both!

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