Friday, 26 June 2015

Most of my living happens here. House Tour Part 2.

We spend most of our family time in this space. It is full of memories and laughter and goldfish crackers squished in the carpet. I am in love with the natural light we get with our large windows. If you come over to my house, this is where we will be hanging out. Come on over, my kids are entertaining and I make really yummy snacks!

Disclaimer- I totally cleaned up before I took these pictures, although, the house pretty much looks like this every night before I go to bed because I am insane. I just can't relax in a messy house, I have tried.

 We still have a baby gate going on, although it is not serving much purpose these days. Our oldest climbs over, and unless the extra buckle is done up, the 2 year olds open it themselves.

 Kids like toys. I accept this, and as long as the toys can fit neatly into this area or in their rooms, we are okay. Yes, I labelled the bins. It makes clean up easier. Do you feel like you are getting to know me quite a bit? Thought so.

 Ta Da! We watch TV sometimes! We have a digital antenna because we refuse to pay for cable (and really, we mostly watch Netflix)! Our furniture is from Ikea! Yay!
I took the back out of our Ikea shelves (that have survived 3 big moves but will not be surviving a 4th) and painted the front white to create a lighter feeling.

 I must have lots of seating. It is the best thing. This is super comfortable and not white because CHILDREN.

 I really embraced the feature wall concept in this room because,
a) I was too tired to paint all the walls
b) most of the walls were bright white when we moved in (which I love)
c) the walls that were not white were peach and red - NOT MY COLOURS (but if you love them that is fine)
d) I actually really like the impact of the almost black and bright white together

 A room to eat in. How delightful! All chairs and the table are Kijiji finds. We are outgrowing this table, but I can't find anything I like in my price range... so we will tough it out and continue to squish all our guests around our tiny table.
 These Ikea highchairs are the best ever. Honestly.

 I love having fresh lemons and limes on my table because they are pretty, and I like to put them in my drinks and cook with them. My kids like to eat fresh "memon" (lemon) because they are crazy.
 My mom gave me this. Love.

 Photo series of baby K and Husband. Love. Photos taken by Nicole Moeller Photography. Nicole needs to move to Ontario to continue to take our family photos... I am not bossy.

 This gorgeous child torturing a cat is my mother! Precious!

Not quite what my minimalist heart desires, but this picture makes me happy!

Knowing that I was going to take pictures of my living room inspired me to add some paint to this not very exciting corner shelf that houses toys and a lamp and was a free from the curb acquisition.

top left: before                                            
top right: after
bottom left: how I would like it to look    
bottom right: how it typically looks


  1. It look beautiful! Magazine worthy!!

    1. Thank you Emily! That is such a compliment coming from you!

  2. Beautiful house! Thank you for showing!

    1. Thanks Sarah! You are welcome to visit, anytime!

  3. Haha, I love how you added the "how it typically looks" photo! So beautiful. I wish I had your eye for colour and d├ęcor. I'm so bad at that!!

    1. My children are messy messy boys! Ha ha!

      Thank you so much for all your compliments!

  4. Yes, I AM getting to know you. I had all my son's toys in labeled in bright yellow dish pans (big square and plastic) that slid under his bed. I loved your kid's korner behind the sofa. I feel that your house is always in transition to match the growth of children. We gave up television/cable 15 years ago, but do still enjoy Netflix streaming in the winter, DVD's in the summer. You've done a great minimalist decorating job. Where would we be without IKEA? Ours is a hike (Prescott AZ to Tempe AZ) but a fun trip when we go with breakfast or lunch in their cafeteria. It is surrounded by palm trees and lush grass. My husband loves their kitchen department. I love everything else!

    1. Houses with kids are always in transition. So true.

      I LOVE Ikea food! It is delicious and my entire family can eat for so little $$$.