Friday, 31 July 2015

~Babies No More (or Babies Forever)~ House Tour Part 4.5


Children grow up so very fast. Everyone knows this. It seems like just yesterday that I was posting about the cutest room, the nursery my baby boys share.  Now, they are sleeping in "big boy beds," also known as cribs converted into toddler beds. The transition was sudden and forced. Climbing in and out of each other's beds had become a danger and I converted the beds in desperation on a Friday night at 10:00 pm by myself, as Husband was out.  Not the best night. So many tears. I miss the baby cages, but I am excited for every new phase that my boys go through. 

Being a mom to twins has taught me millions of things. Here are 8 of my favourite lessons.

1. A twin pregnancy is stressful. More stressful if you are carrying identical twins, because they share a placenta. My doctor's exact words, "the placenta was not made to be shared." A condition called Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome can occur when the babies do not share the placenta equally. This did happen with my boys, we were told that they probably wouldn't make it at about 18 weeks. So we were worried, constantly monitoring, and lived in the NICU for a while. Everything worked out and we are extremely grateful for our healthy boys.

2. Fraternal twins are hereditary. Identical twins are not. Look it up if you want to know more, and please stop asking me if I have twins in my family. I do not. 

3. Sometimes you can struggle with "unexplained infertility" for four years, and then spontaneously conceive twins. Life is strange.

4. Buy two of everything. This is a peacekeeping measure. Trust me.

5. Twins are double the work and exhausting, but they are still easier than Autism. 

6. Twins are amazing, so is Autism.

7. Twins have the most beautiful natural relationship that I have ever witnessed.  Can you imagine always being with your best friend, learning everything together? This doesn't mean that they don't have moments of disagreement, they have a lot of those, but I think the joy Mr. G and Mr. L find with each other overrides any discord they experience. I hope that is always the case for them. It makes my heart happy. 

8. I need a lot less sleep than I previously thought.

After just a few nights of sleeping in their toddler beds, we found the boys like this, squished into one bed, by choice. Sweetest ever. I love my babies, and I think  I know I will be one of those Moms that calls her children her babies forever and ever.