Friday, 10 July 2015

I love my adorable unglamorous kitchen. House Tour Part 3.

 Welcome to my kitchen! This is the room I feel like I spend most of my time in. I cook and bake a lot and usually enjoy it. I actually have quite an affection for this room and for the memories we have made in it. I often joke that my love language is food. Sharing food with family and friends is such a big part of life and I am so very lucky to have access to clean water and fresh food and have the opportunity to make and share beautiful food every day.

I love our house, neighbourhood, and city. It was a thrill to move into this space after living in a 2 bedroom apartment with our first baby. I was instantly in love with every room in the house except for the kitchen. When I first moved in, this is what I thought about this particular room,
a) these peach walls have to go (and they did)
b) this floor is hideous and will be difficult to keep clean (partially true)
c) ugliest cupboards ever
d) what a terrible design, there is no traffic flow
e) not enough storage
f) wouldn't it be fun to remodel, knock out a wall, change everything

I have to say that I have been on a bit of a journey since moving to Ottawa. I realized after 3 big moves across the country that "stuff" is overrated. If I can live with less, I will. I have been on a minimalist path, simplifying my home, life, and even relationships when possible. To me, a minimalist lifestyle is living only with what you find to be essential. This, of course, is different for every person. I also did a year of not buying any clothing. It was a freeing, eye opening, and wonderful experiment. Because of this journey, my once horrible kitchen now seems beautiful to me. I painted the walls a bright happy chartreuse (one of my favourite colours), I painted out the wood portions on the cupboards white, I got rid of a lot of stuff, and I bought a piece of furniture to further help with the lack of storage. I now think that I would probably never remodel because I would rather spend that money on other things.

 My children's favourite door because it leads to their favourite place, the BACKYARD, where they would live if I let them.

 My very necessary furniture purchase from Ikea. I needed more pantry room and an area for pots and pans. This also frees up counter space by having the microwave, toaster (which I spray painted- I am a little crazy), my Keurig (basically my favourite thing), phone/pens/papers/planner/to do lists/command centre (it makes sense for me to have all this in the kitchen since I am always in the kitchen), out of the way.
Also, check out my card tree which makes me smile because it showcases recent cards and notes from lovely friends and family.
For anyone under the age of 20, first, I am surprised that you are reading my blog actually. Second, that green contraption on the left is called a CD player. They used to be a thing. I mostly use it to listen to CBC Radio 2, my all the time music station. I am an old lady in my heart.

So apparently, letters go in horizontal lines and numbers go in vertical lines. This is the work of my 2 year olds. They are obviously geniuses. I spray painted the magnetic letters because I can't live with primary colours everywhere. This is not a circus or a daycare, although it often feels like both!

 Some of my favourite quotes and an absolutely beautiful drawing of my dearly departed cat done by Ashlie Chandler, commissioned by my dearest friend Marni.

Ever changing artwork display featuring my children's work. Kid art is the best!

 In case you were wondering if we are nerds, we are. If you know what this is, you are a nerd too. Let's be friends!

More proof of nerdiness. Husband and I write (mostly G rated but not always) magnetic poetry for each other.

Not too long ago, Husband said, "our lives are not very glamorous. Especially yours." I think this is true. I also think that I am okay with this. There is great potential for my life to increase in glamour once I am not helping 3 boys with their bathroom times... so until then... I will enjoy where I am at, and keep making great memories in my adorable unglamorous kitchen.


  1. AWw this is so cute!

  2. I'm loving your house tour! I love your kitchen! I like how you wouldn't redecorate, because you would rather spend money on other things. Me too. Also, I love how you are enjoying where you are at in life right now. A good reminder to me!

  3. Thank you Dear Cousin! I would redecorate (I do it all the time), but cheaply, like most of what I do is paint things. Remodelling is a different story. It seems like more trouble and expense than it is worth for me. I know people do it all the time and their houses are fancier and prettier than mine but it's just not something I care about.

    I do enjoy where I am now, but I do have to remind myself because every moment is not sunshine. It's nice that we can all remind each other. I think that positivity is catching.

    Wish you could come visit me! Do it!

  4. I stumbled across your blog via a comment on and I instantly loved it! I love what you've done with your kitchen, I love your attitude about stuff, and I really love that I've met a fellow Canadian!! I'm out in western Manitoba.

    1. Thank you so much! I love finding fellow like minded Canadians. Your blog looks great, I am following!

  5. I found you on becomingmimalist in the comments today. Couldn't resist looking at your kitchen. It IS adorable. And my kitchen is the same paint color! All I did to mine was the great paint and cabinet knobs. I'm perfectly happy with it just the way it is. I don't have kid art anymore but I certainly used to. Maybe I will have grandkid art in the future. Nice choice with the IKEA sideboard. I've been a major remodel freak most of my life and am tired of letting projects rule my life. Done.

    1. Thank you so much! It is the best colour. I am in love with it. I could send you some kid art, I have tons! I grew up in a remodelaholic (or at least dreaming of it) household and that helped me learn that it isn't for me!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hey, I didn't write anything weird, I just accidentally posted twice for some reason. Ha ha!

    4. My color is Home Depot BEHR Beach Grass. I have loads of oil paintings and Southwest stuff mounted all over the kitchen. It's a feast for the eyes while you eat your breakfast! I love it that you spell color with a "u". Like theater with an "e" on the end. Haha! I am so sorry to say that I am in remodel hell this weekend. Right after I posted my denial. My husband decided to put a door between the master bedroom and bath (Arizona open floor plans drive us nuts) and the door ended up being 4" too wide after I spent all morning painting 2 coats on each side. Off to the garage to cut it down and destroy my perfect paint job. Our entire weekend will be focused on a door. How do I get dragged into these projects like Santa's helper? We will be cranky and exhausted by Sunday night. There should be an intervention for remodelaholics (your word and I love it). My son hires everything done and lives life to the fullest.

  6. I love your kitchen! The wall paint is lovely. Can you tell me how to spray paint magnetic letters? I've never used spray paint before - do I have to sand the letters first because they are smooth? Also, what are the baskets on the middle shelf with the black handles?

    Yay minimalism and simplicity!

    1. Thank you!
      Spray painting toys/wooden letters is easy. I don't even sand, I just throw them on some cardboard, do one coat, wait to dry, then a second coat. That's it!
      The baskets are some bamboo baskets that I think I got at Ikea years and years ago. They hold pantry items.