Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Shortest Season

Summer is the shortest season,
This I know for sure.
We play outside, we swim a lot,
We think the sun our cure.

Summer is the shortest season,
Even when we try,
To fill our days with sunshine rays,
We still must heave a sigh.

For summer is the shortest season,
It lasts but ninety days.
Which seems a lie, I'll tell you why,
Weather rarely behaves.

Summer is the shortest season,
But that's alright my friends.
We do our best, enjoy the rest,
And hope it never ends.

Winter is the longest season,
When you live up north.
So enjoy your sun, and have some fun,
Before the snow comes forth!

Something interesting happened this year, I am having a summer. I also wrote a poem, which I have not done in years. It took me 5 minutes. I hope you love it. In the past, I have had to work all summer, or, if I was in a position to be on vacation, we would visit family, which is the furthest thing from a vacation that I can imagine. I also have a son with Autism who has been in therapy since the age of 2, therapy continues through the summer, so you get the idea. No breaks.  This summer, we had no therapy, I only had one part time harmony student, and we rented a cottage. It was fantastic, and for the first time in I don't even know how long, I really felt like it was summer. The kind of summer I had as a kid. Only this time, I was the stressed parent trying to fit everything into my mini van while my children circled giddily laughing and crying around my feet (I really really related to memories of my dad in that moment).

In the past, I would often pride myself on saying that summer is not my favourite season. Which is true, it really isn't, I was made for cold weather and sweaters. Since I am now living in a home with central air conditioning, and I had a glimpse of what summer can be like by going on a relaxing(ish - we still had the children) vacation, I have to say that summer is making a case for becoming a more favoured season!

We stayed in the coolest cottage. It was built in the 1920s and I found everything about it fascinating. Side note, in Alberta, this would be called a cabin, but in Ontario we call it a cottage (I am just trying to fit in). Why the difference? I have no idea. We hung our wet swimming gear everywhere to impress the neighbours. We had a private beach and swam 2-3 times a day. 

My no sunburn summer was ruined, but it was worth it. 
P.S. Do people over 30 really care about being suntanned? Not this lady. Who cares. My white legs can light the way if we are stuck in a dark alley.

Public Service Announcement: Did you know that if you light too many sparklers at once it becomes a fireball? Husband has the burns to prove it. Also, I have the cutest boys in the world.

We only really have a few weeks left of summer, or maybe a few days, this is Canada after all. I hope that we can all enjoy it and at least have a moment that transports us to a summer of our childhood. Childhood, when done correctly, is magic. We all need more magic in our lives.

Yay summer! 


  1. A great post!

    You wrote that poem in five minutes?! Awesome ability, that. I loved the line " Weather rarely obeys". That's how I feel whenever I think about doing some astronomical observations. Here I sit fuming because the Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight and we're clouded over, as usual! Grrr.

    I LOL'd when your sunburn pic scrolled into view.

    My family cottage was built in the '50s, but sort of has the same feel as the one you rented.

    Don't count summer out yet! It can't officially end until after my birthday ... that's the law! :)

    ... your neighbour BMcG

    1. Thanks! I was thinking of you while reading about the meteor shower. Too bad is is cloudy. Rats!

      When is your birthday?

    2. It's eight months after Christmas.

  2. Canadian summers are indeed fleeting. And as the kids get older, it seems they fly by even faster!! I love your poem. Might I get your permission to repost it on my blog this month? (with appropriate credit given, of course)

    1. Post away. Thanks for asking!

      Sad to think that summers are going to get even faster! More reason to enjoy. Hope you are having a lovely summer!