Monday, 7 September 2015

Back to School, Back to Music Lessons

I love everything about the fall. The colours, the drop in temperature, heading back to school and routine, anything that tastes like pumpkin, and getting back into music lessons!

I have maintained a studio of voice, piano, and theory students for 17 years (over half my life)! In that time I have learned a lot about what makes a successful music year.

1. Find the fun. Making music is one of the most fun and fulfilling things you will ever do! Find songs that you love, or find something fun in songs that you don't love. Change your practice routine often, play/sing/compose just for the enjoyment!

2. Be grateful. What a gift it is to have the privilege of music study! I find that it is easier for my adult students to be truly appreciative of learning music. Some of them studied when they were young and regret quitting before they were able to play or sing at a high enough level to continue as an adult. Some always wanted to learn an instrument but were unable due to financial constraints. Be grateful that you are able to study music now, and get more out of you lessons!

3. Be brave. Try new things. Listen to your teacher, and when they assign something challenging, go for it! Make mistakes, this is part of learning.

4. Share your accomplishments. Students who perform experience accelerated growth. I witness this time and time again. If your teacher has provided master classes or recitals for you, participate! It is so good for you, you will be terrified, but you will not regret it! Read about why a Private Music Studio Recital is the best experience ever, here. You can also perform on a smaller scale, anytime you like. Play or sing a piece that you are working for your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, friend... you can even do this over the phone or Skype (grandparents loooooooove this).

5. Listen to music. If you are working on a piece by Mozart, research and listen to other music that Mozart has written. Listen to other interpretations and performances of the piece you are practicing. YouTube is a wonderful resource for music study! Listen to new composers often, challenge yourself by listening to different genres. This will enrich your music study and your life!

Dear Present Students,

I am so excited to get back to our Tuesday evening music lessons. The studio is full and we are going to have a great time! Remember that lessons do not start this week, but I will see you on September 15. Best of luck with heading back to school!

I also did a makeover of our studio space. Take a look here for more pictures, or wait until next week and be surprised.


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