Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Sitting here at the end of one of my favourite months, sick as a dog, exhausted, stressed, and realizing (for the millionth time) that I am far from perfect. It has been quite a month. 

How I felt for most of September. Thank you to my 2 year old for demonstrating this emotion so flawlessly.

- We started the month with a bout of stomach flu that had my children on rotating vomit schedules.
- First day of school for my 5 year old Love. When you have a special needs child, every hurdle you face feels like a kick in the stomach. 4 meetings and 3 weeks of school behind us and we have still not really figured out the right placement for my smart boy who does not fit into any typical 5 year old program. 
- I joined the PTA, and I have yet to decide if this was a good or a bad decision.
- I started teaching, which went great! I love my studio this year! I have the best job ever.
- We had visitors! Cousins from Alberta and Grandma Ellen from Alberta. We love when people visit us. It is so fun for the kids.
- Apple picking, birthday parties, playdates, speech therapy, swimming lessons, teaching, marking, school, socializing... trying to find balance with our new schedule (and failing thus far). 
- I made 5 apple pies from scratch and realized that I am suited for modern conveniences. 
-The lunar eclipse/blood moon/super moon was very cool. I enjoyed walking around the neighbourhood and seeing everyone outside staring at the sky, it was surreal.
- We are ending the month with a terrible flu/cold, I am not sure which. I don't remember the last time I was this sick. 

So my head is fuzzy, I accomplished about half of what I wanted to, and I am looking to October as the month that I get everything together. Ha ha ha ha! Or I find more situations that give me clues of my imperfection...

Perfect seems like it would be terribly boring anyway (I wouldn't know).

Most of these are photos are from Instagram, because that is all I have energy for these days. If you want to see more, check me out at danofish on Instagram.


  1. I'm sorry I am laughing! It's just life! This too shall pass. My take on being sick is make no decisions when you're down. I am now inspired to bake pies again! "First day of kindergarten" I'd be printing in an 8x10 and hanging up somewhere! Never a happy day - but a happy door!

    1. I was laughing too by the end of writing this post. Exactly, LIFE. Busy crazy painful happy life. I love the Kindergarten picture too, and our yellow door. I have some big decisions to make for my boy this week, so I need to feel better!

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