Friday, 16 October 2015

Artist Feature: Tristan Laroque-Walker

by, Tristan Laroque-Walker

There is an amazing thing that happens when you grow up. New, lovely people join your family. My first brother, Tristan, is a welcome edition! 

Tristan is an artist and a kindred spirit, and just the sort of person I would like to feature. I have been thinking about creating an Artist Feature as a regular spotlight on my blog. I feel that so often the world is competitive and unkind. I would like to build up my fellow creatives and foster a community of support. Being an artist can be lonely at times, so facilitating discussion, sharing ideas and inspiration, is important to me. If you would like to be featured, or nominate a friend, please send me an email!

Tristan is a 28 year old photographer based out of Edmonton, Alberta. He specializes in capturing the beauty of the natural world. Tristan began taking photos when he was in elementary school on a Vivitar Point and Shoot. When Tristan was in high school he graduated to his first SLR.  He was often inspired by his Grandfather, Jack Laroque, who was a professional photographer. A beautiful short film created by Aaron Jack Laroque can be viewed here. Tristan's parents are both avid photographers as well, so it seemed natural that Tristan would continue the tradition. 

Influences for Tristan include, Ansel Adams, an American photographer and environmentalist, as well as French photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson. Both these photographers bring a realness to their work. Adams is known for his clarity in large scale black and white landscape photos. Cartier-Bresson was a master of candid photography. Tristan's work is highly natural, not overly edited, with beautiful composition and a refreshing approach to cropping. 

Tristan Laroque-Walker

Tristan is an unassuming man, with considerable personal style and confidence. He is easy to talk to, soft spoken, and has a great depth of character. It is obvious that his interest in the philosophical and visual aspects of the world that surrounds us, has benefited him greatly in his creative pursuits as well as the way that he relates to others. 

In Tristan's own words, "I have a firm belief that moments are meant to be captured and recorded. It requires us to sometimes step out of the moment so that we may share it with the world around us. I believe that through photography we may all tell our version of the tales we experience, and I believe you will know exactly how to share that tale with the ones around you."

Follow Tristan on Instagram, where he uses a Samsung Galaxy X5 and edits with Snapseed.
Check out more of Tristan's work at Tristan Pierce Photography. He uses a Nikon D3100 and edits with Adobe Lightroom.


  1. Thanks for this. What a treat. Love the b&w, and then the gnarled branch and pink blossoms popped up. Great stuff. What an artistic family you came from. No wonder you are so creative with paint and mandala coloring. I would love to see more artists featured on your site.

    1. You are welcome! Tristan is visiting me right now and we are so glad that you enjoyed his photos! I think Tristan's photos are beautiful.
      Thank you for the support on the artist features! I am definitely going to continue featuring artists, please let me know if you have any artist friends and pass along their names.

  2. Really enjoyed the video of Jack Laroque. How lucky to have that just a month before he died. Lovely man. Fortunate life.