Sunday, 3 January 2016

Holiday Magic 2015

As the character Daisy stated in one of my favourite sitcoms, Spaced, life is "ups and downs it's ups and downs it's ups and downs."

The holidays this year have been full of love, stress, moodiness, laughter, colds, bronchitis, ear infections, sleep torture (parents know what this is), delicious food, warm weather, cold weather, fog, rain, snowstorms, freezing rain, date nights, adventure, pajamas, so many hats, movies, more food, tantrums, misunderstandings, forgiveness, fevers, antibiotics, gifts, surprises, shovelling snow, snuggles, SUGAR, laughter, beauty, magic, Santa, friends, baking, carolling, messes, children calling adults by their first names, minions, trains, puppets, craft projects, Pepere,  and did I mention food? Basically, it was full of life. Wonderful and imperfect.

Husband and I are thinking that we need a holiday to recover from this holiday...


  1. Loved that! Felt like I was there! Forgot about the Chaos of Christmas with kids. You described it perfectly! Kind of made me miss it! Too bad you don't live closer . . . I could dip in for just a taste of it. The food looked awesome . . .

    1. Thanks Lori! It is crazy with kids, but magical also. I am definitely enjoying it as much as I can!

      Happy New Year!