Thursday, 21 January 2016


My ancestry is Danish, English, and Scottish. Pale people of the North. I myself am a pale person of the North, and I am honoured to continue our family legacy of hibernation and sunburn.

In Denmark, the winters are cold and long, not unlike Canada. However, it can be said that the Danes do winter especially well. A fundamental part of Danish culture is hygge (pronounced hue-gah). Hygge is a concept of coziness when relaxing with friends and loved ones and enjoying the simple pleasures in a comfortable setting, often with candles. It is actually difficult to describe, as in English there is no direct word equivalent. Denmark also consistently rates as one of the happiest countries in the world. Their sense of simplicity and minimalism in design and life is extremely inspirational to me. I believe that this focus away from materialism creates a greater ability to concentrate on what is really important, the people in your life.

We are on round 5 million (slight exaggeration) of winter colds at my house. After a busy day, and with a sinus headache and cough, I decided to make tonight as hygge as possible. Comfy clothes and my favourite people. Tea and candles. Cuddles and books. Early bedtimes.

Snuggles with Daddy are the best!

iTunes visualizer on our screens and calm music. Tonight I was in the mood for The Bliss by The Fortunate Ones. Lovely blend of an East coast and folk sound with heartfelt lyrics. So relaxing. The entire album is wonderful. Have a listen!

Cuddling with my favourite little people. Our yearly family photo album arrived today and we had so much fun looking at pictures of ourselves! How to keep a 2 year old happy- show him pictures and videos of himself! Works every time!

 "Reading" a comic book in a bean bag chair. Does life get any sweeter than this? This book is called Darth Vader and Son, by Jeffrey Brown. It is hilarious. Highly recommend!

 David's Tea. Chocolate Chili Chai- say that 10 times fast! David's Tea makes my life hygge. Always.

My true love. A comfortable bed!

 Tea in bed. Just too much comfy happening here!

My favourite cosy activity is reading. I have been trying to read more. I am a natural reader, obsessive really, but since I had kids have not been as prolific. Confession, I began this book in the hospital when my twins were born, ALMOST 3 YEARS AGO. I did read quite a few books since beginning this book, breaking my rule of one book at a time. I almost finished it at the cottage this past summer, I am finally finishing it now. It is a really great book, it's just hard to get through when you fall asleep after a page...

Lavender is the most relaxing fragrance. I love it. Santa knew this and brought me this delightful candle. Thank you Santa!

Such a perfect night full of hygge. I wish the same for you tonight or soon. Goodnight!


  1. Nice video. I'll have to keep my eyes open for The Fortunate Ones. I think Janet would like them too.

    I recognize St. Johns Nfld harbor. I was there several times for work. Beautiful place and truly wonderful people.

  2. Newfoundland is the only province I have not visited! It just has not worked out for me yet, I love everyone I know from Nfld. It seems like the best place.