Saturday, 9 January 2016

I Love January

The older I get, the more I love January. September and January are chances for renewed focus and examining goals, which I sorely need in my chaotic life. I do realize that these are just arbitrary dates on a calendar, and that you can choose to change and challenge yourself at any moment, but isn't it nice to have a reminder? 

I love the quiet of January. Snow is like a muffling blanket. It really is peaceful out there. It is also dark early and cold, people are tired from the holidays, perhaps a lot of Netflix and hibernating is going on. Staying warm and cosy in your house while looking out the window at the calm white beauty outside is a perfectly valid way to enjoy the season. Drink something warm and yummy while gazing at the snow for added enjoyment! I also love walking in winter. My winter evening walks have become one of my favourite activities. It is a time for my mind to wander, the cold air feels wonderful, and the scenery is breathtaking! 

I love snow. If you live somewhere where there is snow in winter, you are lucky! All the seasons are beautiful, but winter is the most majestic. On a cloudy day, the sky matches the snow covered roof tops, and colour is reduced to shades of white and grey. Falling snowflakes are magic, there is no other way to describe it. On a sunny day in winter, the bright blue sky stands in stark contrast with the sparkling snow and ice, it is astoundingly beautiful. Now, I am an adult, I drive a vehicle, I shovel my driveway. These are not the best parts of winter, but if you have winter tires, allow extra time for travel, and slow down, the driving is not bad. As for shovelling, remember your New Year's Resolution to exercise more? Done!

I love shifting focus. How many wonderful human feats were accomplished as a direct result of a resolution made in the dead of winter? It's hard to know for certain, but I can think of a few in my own life. Apparently only 8% of New Year's Resolutions are successful. 8% is still impressive, considering that without resolutions, that number is 0%. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take," some wisdom from a fellow Canadian and winter lover, Wayne Gretzky. Make resolutions, succeed, or fail, then make more. Your life is what you make it, dream big!

I love not doing anything fun because my kids are all sick. Okay, not really! This has also become part of my January reality. Children are disgusting adorable germ factories and germ spreaders. Between caring for my babies, cleaning up sick messes, and doctor's visits, there is more time for working on my goals because we have to cancel all our plans perpetually. I miss you friends! Maybe I will see you in the spring?!

Happy January! 


  1. I laughed at getting a break from 'fun' (entertaining kids) when they are sick. I give myself permission to have a lazy day when I have injured myself. I can be a mom to me, too. I find that the snow has a magic of color reflecting from the sky. It seems blue before sunrise and blinding white on a sunny afternoon, and pink and orange at sunset. I'm walking at all 3 times of day. Mostly, it is quiet. I see animal tracks of zillions of rabbits and coyotes and others I can't identify. I was lucky enough to lock eyes with a Lynx or Bobcat this year! Our mountains look far more majestic covered in snow and even Arizona scrub has a beauty of clumpy shapes piled with snow. I have even noticed that there is a smell to snow just before it starts falling. It's a sweet smell. A childhood smell of something good about to come my way. Or it's my neighbor's fabric softener sheet in the dryer!

    1. "I can be a mom to me too," I love that. I have been trying to take better care of myself!

      The mountains sound beautiful. One thing I miss about Alberta (western Canada, where I grew up), is being near the rocky mountains.

  2. Very beautiful article! I love to read it so much:-)

    1. Thank you Shirley! Come visit Canada, and I will show you how to have fun in the snow.