Saturday, 6 February 2016

One Fish Two Fish

Goodbye red. Hello blue. 

Remember when I was so proud of myself for purchasing a red area rug? Well, it turns out, my red aversion is still going strong. I blame Van Gogh, or my mother (I love you Mom), or my own rebellious tendencies, or my emotional attachment to colour, or my emotional attachment to everything. 

Mr. G and Mr. L are enjoying their new cosy bedtime arrangement. Hopefully I don't pass on my red aversion (although mine was most definitely not inherited). 

The psychological effect of colour is an interesting topic, often discussed, but difficult to to scientifically support due to personal preferences, and due to our personal feelings about colour being rooted to our cultural upbringing. Warm colours can evoke feelings of love, passion, happiness, or anger, hostility, stress. Cool colours tend to evoke feelings of calm, coolness, peace, or sadness, indifference, cold. 85% of consumers cite colour as the primary reason that they buy a product. Restaurants, hospitals, airports, most public spaces, have colours selected to create the optimal experience, whatever that may be. Colour to make you eat more, colour to make you buy more, colour to help you relax. 

I really do love all colours. Even red. Just not in my room apparently. 

Sneak peek. I have been painting! Do you recognize this lady? My kids sure did! 


  1. I see all the red outfits my mother dressed me in and I wonder 'did she just WANT me to look bad'? In my old age I am trying out a subtle blue red that I can actually wear, a Vera Bradley pink and soft red bag, but no red in my house. Christmas is hard for me and I do love Santa. I just think he should have been wearing a green outfit instead of red. I would have to donate that red rug. How do they sleep in a sea of red? Love that yellow hairpin leg table between the beds! Though I'm a little iffy on yellow, too! I had my colors professionally "done" a long time ago and they continue to be spot on. Those colors are my best friends. My son just bought 2 properties and is doing each in gray/black/white. Not for me, but certainly a current trend. I couldn't surround myself with colors I can't wear. Love the self portrait! The green and gold background suits you.

  2. Lori, I am so glad to know someone else who understands colour aversion! It's a real thing! Although, I wear red. So that is probably weird. I even like red, just not in my house. My oldest son's favourite colour is red, so there you go, we come with our own preferences!
    Yellow is actually my favourite warm colour, the brighter the better. Sunshine!