Thursday, 24 March 2016

Hippity Hoppity Easter's On It's Way!

Today we have a snowfall warning followed by freezing rain, but yesterday, we had sunshine! Easter is this weekend, and I am absolutely not ready, although I welcome the four day weekend. I welcome a four day weekend anytime, really. Because it has been a while since I dressed up my children like dolls and took pictures, it seemed like the right thing to do as we enjoyed our sunny Wednesday. My boys are growing, but I have a dream that they will enjoy this sort of thing well into their 50s. 

I dressed them up as "cowboys," according to Mr. G, and forced them to hold Easter baskets while standing in the snow. This all feels perfectly natural. 

 My cowboy climbing our backyard snow mountain. 

Such a dapper little man. My kids love getting dressed up (I am not being sarcastic- honestly)! They probably love it because I make such a big fuss and shower them with affection, when normally I completely ignore them (this is sarcasm).

 Oldest mini man was not as into pictures but was very much into running around the yard and planning how he would live outside permanently. Where he would sleep, what he would eat. I have no doubt that is his life plan, living in the wild. I will visit him, but I prefer living in a house.

 Our snowman is dying. Hooray! So long Frosty! We only like you until February. Then we hate you. It's an extremely intense relationship.

I showed him the proper way to wear his hat, I am very big on styling. He likes this way. It brings out his ears, and his cuteness.

 Showing me the "monster." We have some big imaginations. How terrifying is the steam from the laundry room? Obviously not that terrifying if you can stand this close and live to tell the tale.

 "Look Mom! I throw a snowball." So proud.
For the record, we might be focussing on the arts and not sports. That's why kids go to school, to learn about the things their parents don't teach them. Right?
And when I say the arts, I mean superheroes.
Childhood bliss. A messy chaotic backyard full of freedom, promise, and more mud than I thought possible.
Easter in Canada. The best. 
I am tempted to hide white eggs this year for added difficulty.

Happy Easter to you and yours!

View last year's Easter pics here. We have grown a bit! 


  1. Best post yet! Just think, some day their wives will laugh uproariously at their Canadian cowboy duds. Too funny! We are getting that alpine blast from Denver and I am walking in 32 degree mornings in Arizona! Good grief! Easter is not a 4 day weekend here. What a nice idea that is. Enjoy the magic of kids and holidays. You are such a good mom!

  2. Thanks Lori! Happy Easter! I wish you a sunny warm Easter Sunday tomorrow.