Friday, 15 April 2016

How to go on a date with yourself.

"Superman and Batman, more like Pooperman and Batfart."

A few days ago, I made this joke and it was met with uproarious laughter. This made me realize two things. One, I am hilarious. Two, I needed to get out. 


1. If you have kids, arrange child care. Children are many things, convenient is not one. Luckily, Husband and I are happy to give each other breaks whenever needed. 

2. Make a plan. My plan yesterday was to go to a movie. Pretty simple. Other dates I have had with myself are; a Rufus Wainwright concert (this required more planning), many trips to coffee shops, recreational shopping (Chapters is good for this), long nature walks, a trip to the spa for a haircut. Whatever fills your bucket is a good choice. 

3. Do not plan other errands around your date. This is important! It is so tempting add a trip to the bank/grocery store/drug store/whatever, but if you do, you have turned your date with yourself into a chore. We all do enough chores. 

4. Make yourself pretty. Brush your teeth, brush your hair, put on makeup, paint your nails, pluck your nose hair, put on deodorant, whatever makes you feel great! Take some selfies for proof that you freshened up.

 Check me out with my lip gloss and freshly brushed hair! Is it better to look at the camera or to look at yourself on the screen? I feel like I look slightly mad (all the best people are) either way. Really, I'm just thrilled to have my face back after weeks of looking like a swollen tomato, a tooth abscess with an allergic reaction to antibiotics is not a fun time. 

My sister has a wonderful tutorial for taking selfies. I may be older, but she teaches me so much. Check it out here.

5. Wear the comfiest clothes possible. I have a personal motto (stollen from my wise cousin) that everything I wear must be cute AND comfy. Since all of my clothes feel like pajamas, dressing for my date was pretty easy. I had some fun at Polyvore putting together date outfit ideas for when you only want to date yourself.
This is my everyday uniform. Dress, tights or leggings (unless summer), cardigans, scarves... I do not have these cat shoes though. I feel like I might need to get them.

Husband actually owns and wears everything pictured here. Cute and comfy, this describes both him and his clothing choices.

6. Eat something yummy. Food is very important to me. A date by yourself is the perfect time for an overpriced coffee or pastry! If you fancy popcorn, frozen yogurt, nachos, or a hot dog, this is your moment. If you want to order a large popcorn with the intention of sharing it with your children and then eat slightly more than you had planned, go for it!

7. Get Over Yourself (the most important item). No one cares about what you are doing. I am sorry if you thought they did care, and you are saddened by this news. Go to a movie/restaurant/concert/museum by yourself, and you will notice other people there by themselves. You will also notice that no one pays attention to anything beyond their own nose most of the time. 

Enjoying your own company is an important life skill and there are many benefits. For example, when you go to a movie by yourself, you do not have to agree with anyone on which film to see. Last night, I saw "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2," which I enjoyed very much, although I realize that it probably isn't a movie for everyone. I recommend it to those who loved part 1 and who have a high tolerance for cheesiness. I may have cried twice.
The theatre was packed. 

The last movie I attended independently before last night was "Deadpool." I loved it. "Deadpool." By myself. On Valentine's Day. I am obviously very confident on my solo dates. With a little practice, you can be too!

Happy dating to all you gorgeous people!


  1. How funny! I was just thinking as I was running errands in our little tourist town that I NEVER take any time to look around in the shops, walk the courthouse square, and simply be a tourist in my own town. Hats off to you for giving yourself permission to do so. There are so many events here that I never see because I am always too busy. You've inspired me. Now let's see if I do it!

    1. Where you live sounds lovely. I need to visit someday. You can check out all the tourist spots beforehand and tell me what to see! Ha ha!