Sunday, 1 May 2016

Thank You Mom

My mom, my dad, my sister Jessica, and me, at the top of Bear's Hump in Alberta.

Dear Mom,

Thank you. 
I don't think that I say it enough, but I love you and appreciate everything that you have done for me. 
Thank you for waking up with me in the night when I was a baby, thank you for all the snuggles and kisses and ensuring that I grew up feeling very loved. 
Thank you for picking such a wonderful partner in life who also provided me with love and security. 
Thank you for my siblings. They have been my friends and my rivals, but mostly my friends. 
Thank you for taking us on family vacations and showing us the beauty of the world. 
Thank you for singing with me and instilling a deep and early love for music. 
Thank you for drawing and creating with me and starting my love affair with the arts. 
Thank you for teaching me how to play the piano even though I cried at every single lesson because it was too intense for me to receive correction from you (because I wanted to please you so much). 
Thank you for reading to me. 
Thank you for taking care of me when I was sick. 
Thank you for keeping me safe and warm and comfortably (and adorably) dressed. 
Thank you for teaching me to have fun. 
Thank you for putting on Cyndi Lauper and dancing with me. 
Thank you for playing opera, symphonies, celtic music, country music, broadway, pop, folk, rock, and Abba (Abba is their own category). I love that our home was always full of music and that we listened to everything.
Thank you for making me beautiful delicious birthday cakes and letting me have fun birthday parties with my friends. 
Thank you for making me beautiful things. 
Thank you for being an example of glamour. Your jewelry, your makeup, and your clothes are always beautiful and this taught me to take care in my appearance. 
Thank you for taking me to movies, to live theatre, to live music. 
Thank you for the countless healthy meals that you made for me. 
Thank you for all the lunches you packed. 
Thank you for doing my laundry. 
Thank you for putting up with my moods. 
Thank you for not murdering me when I was a teenager. 
Thank you for always welcoming my friends into your home. 
Thank you for attending all my performances, recitals, art shows, and award ceremonies. 
Thank you for teaching me to work hard. 
Thank you for teaching me to think for myself.
Thank you for teaching me to be myself. 
Thank you for letting me wear whatever I wanted, even if it was a men's brown polyester leisure suit purchased at Value Village.
Thank you for letting me dye my hair whatever colour I wanted.
Thank you for letting me paint my room whatever colour I chose. 
Thank you for all the times you "shared" your craft supplies with me.
Thank you for forgiving me when I used your craft supplies without asking. 
Thank you for teaching me to go for the expensive items when eating at a buffet.
Thank you for teaching me manners.
Thank you for always standing up for me.
Thank you for teaching me to stand up for others.
Thank you for helping my sister and my friends throw me a surprise 16th birthday party (I was actually surprised and it was the most special I have ever felt).
Thank you for always being there to to talk to when I was a teenager.
Thank you for always forgiving me.
Thank you for loving my partner in life.
Thank you for supporting us when we decided to get married as babies and move far away. 
Thank you for always visiting me wherever I live.
Thank you for surviving your stroke and sticking around, we still need you.
Thank you for saying that I was one of your best friends when you were in the hospital after your stroke and writing me a long letter saying how much you love me. Your writing was all pushed to one side because of your recent brain injury, but the fact that you wanted to write to me when you had so much going on meant the world. That letter is one of my most treasured possessions.
Thank you for being brave.
Thank you for always looking for beauty and humour. It is helpful that you are beautiful and hilarious.
Thank you for loving my children (they love you right back).
Thank you for loving me.
I love you.
Happy Mother's Day.


Me, my beautiful mother, and my lovely baby sister Adrianne, just a few weeks ago when I was visiting Edmonton.


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your dear Mother and my eternal sweetheart. You are like her in so many ways but especially as an outstanding devoted Mother! Love Dad