Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sister Songs featuring Adri Meeks

In August, 1988, one of my favourite people was born. I thought that she was mine, as I was 6 years older and obviously capable of taking care of her (jokes), although I do remember changing diapers, babysitting, etc. (HOW DID MY PARENTS GET SO LUCKY). In reality, most of my days were spent dressing her, bossing her around, directing her in various made up plays, doing her hair and makeup (not in an attractive way), forcing her to ask my parents and grandparents for treats, sending her to the neighbours in dress up clothes and instructing her to speak in an accent when they answered the door, having tea parties with friends. Most importantly, Husband and I took her on easily half of our dates, I think that my parents felt she would be a suitable chaperone, and also then they would have an evening with no children at home (HOW DID MY PARENTS GET SO LUCKY). We once took her to see the film, The Sixth Sense. She was 11. Bridget Jones's Diary was another movie choice that my parents were not thrilled with (at least she was 13, practically an adult).

This little minion of mine has grown up into one of the brightest most talented and hardworking young ladies that you could ever meet. She studied theatre overseas (obviously due, in part, to all the plays I directed her in). She is still one of my favourite people, and someone that I can always count on for support, understanding, laughs, and deep conversation. She writes beautiful heartfelt melodies with lyrics to match. She has come a long way since she was one of my young piano students.  I am so proud of her and her present goal to record an EP followed by a full album. She performs quite a bit in and around Edmonton. I am glad that I have a little sister named Adrianne. She's the best. 

This morning I woke up to a beautiful song, written about me (I actually woke up to my 5 year old playing the piano in the basement at 5 am, but then the song). There are few moments in my life when I have felt so loved that I will remember them always, and one of them happened today, when I listened to the song that my baby sister wrote about me. It touched my heart and brought a tear to my eye. Adri also emailed me today and said that she now has a goal to make me cry every day, so my life is going to get even more interesting. She didn't specify if it would be a happy or a sad cry that she is going for. I am slightly frightened, but also intrigued. Sisters are so fun!

My beautiful song. This will be on my playlist forever. Thank you Sister. <3

You dragged the paint across the scene
A robin’s blue, a forest’s green
Creating what a life could mean
Letting other meanings go
You filled your cup with fostered love
Springing from the well you dug
Your voice so soft and your words so tough
You’re stronger than you show
You drove across the country clear-
That your heart was beating far from here
You heed the call despite the fear
Of the things you don’t yet know
And there you grew some vines so your boys could climb
above the earth
You give them hope and you give them time
To find their worth
The things that come first
A quiet night a walk alone
Your thoughts can drift; your dreams can roam
Your heart is big, your heart’s a home
A haven safe to land

Not to be outdone, I recorded the song I wrote for Adri when I was 11. It is almost as amazing as the song Adri wrote for me. Almost. Jess, I can record the song I wrote for you if you like... it is also stunning. Only the best for my sisters. This recording was not edited for mistakes and was supervised by Mr. G. He tried to be quiet, and for a 3 year old, did very well. 





As you can see, we are a very talented family.

To read about, listen to, and support my dear sister, click links below. If you donate $100 (or more) to help Adri Meeks fund her EP, she promises that she will write you a song too! 

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