Sunday, 5 June 2016

Today, I stay in my pyjamas.

Today, I am staying in my pyjamas. All day. And I call this hairstyle, I haven't brushed my teeth yet either. If you call me on the phone, I might not answer. If you show up at my doorstep, I definitely will not answer. So far today, I have slept in (until I was awoken by the sweet sound of my children fighting- Husband and I take turns sleeping in on weekends, but the kids don't take a break from fighting... unfortunately). Husband made me a coffee, I had a piece of toast with raspberries. I cuddled Mr. L and watched the rain pour down outside. Mr. K and I had a laugh in the basement as I played through my Vince Guaraldi songbook on the piano. I made a lunch of eggs, cheese, ham, fruit salad, and an amazing new food discovery, chipnuts (they are literally peanuts covered in potato chip and they are SO GOOD). Mr. L and Mr. G took turns trying out the new snapchat filters on my phone. The moustached man with the dark eyes produced the most giggles. I played Winnie the Pooh with stuffed animals, a favourite pretend game at our house lately. I read books to the twins and then quietly read in their room as they fell asleep for naps. Presently, Mr. K and Husband have gone swimming, I am lounging on my unmade bed with a good view of the trees and the puddles outside. It's a dreary peaceful hushed sort of day.

Beside me is my Day Planner, and some to do lists. I have decided to ignore them a little while longer and continue to revel in this tranquil day. And when I do get to my "to dos" for today, I will be kind to myself and only do the necessary, because my brain and body are weary and I am learning to be gentle. Last week, in the sudden flurry of activity in preparing for our move to the UK, we all were horribly ill. Luckily, after a week of dealing with the fun that comes with children who can become suddenly sick at any moment, we are on the mend. Grateful for our health, each other, and reminders to slow down.

High five for mental health days!

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