Friday, 29 July 2016

Life is an Adventure Party!

Us. Watch out UK!

My favourite parenting technique, other than distraction, is telling my children that everything we do is an adventure, or a party, or BOTH.

"Come on kids, let's get our shoes on, get in the van, and have an adventure!"
"Please finish your supper so that we can go out and have an adventure!"
"We are getting groceries, what an adventure!"
"You are all running in different directions, my favourite adventure!"
"No one is listening to Mommy or Daddy, is this a 'disobedience party'?"
"Oh Yay. A potty training party."
---Honestly, simply walking into a public place is an adventure when I have 3 wild boys and 2 hands.
"We made popcorn. It's a popcorn party!"
"We are eating pizza. It's a pizza party!"
--------------food parties are the best!
"Hey! Let's all move to England and have an adventure party!"

Our adventure party plans for England have been taking over. Completely. We have a list on our fridge a mile long and we are at the point where everything seems impossible but life is moving forward anyway. It's exciting and it's happening and it's definitely an adventure and a party. Life is an adventure party, just saying it makes it so.

I love blogging, but don't have time for it at the moment. Writing this right now when I should be finishing the detailed inventory of my entire house, is giving me a bit of anxiety...

Writing is an adventure party for me, so I will be back. Stay tuned!

Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England


  1. Wow! You are moving to that beautiful town? Look at that postcard street! Could they have more hanging flowers? Lucky you! Hilarious family pic! Tripod or a passing stranger took that shot? Someone is pulling your skirt up. I think the caption could be 'hold your horses'. Well, life is an adventure. Yours will be full of wonderful experiences. Most people who move to the West leave everything behind and buy new when they get here. Less stressful. Have a moving sale! Just pack a suitcase per person. Can't wait for the next post! Happy Trails!

    1. So good to here from you Lori, I hope you are having a lovely summer. This town is close to where we will be living. It is a beautiful area. My friend took this picture of us, we didn't even get a "good" one, we gave up! Ha ha!
      We are taking everything with us because it is a government move, I will probably buy some things there as well, it will be fun!

    2. I think that's a fantastic shot! Dynamic and chaotic, and yet you're still smiling. Honestly, that's is a keeper.

  2. You have the best attitude!!! Yes, please continue your writing adventure party once you are settled. Bon voyage!