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I studied Fine Arts at the University of Alberta and have always been extremely interested in creating. My preferred medium is paint, both oil and acrylic. All of my paintings are original, I do not copy other paintings or photos. I like to start with a feeling or experience, and then communicate it visually.

Photography has been something that I have enjoyed and discovered since having children. I love the immediacy of taking photos. 

Work available on commission or as pieces become available. Please contact me for more information.


acryllic on canvas
200 x 75 cm

Phoenix Rising

acryllic on canvas
150 x 100 cm

Wedding Day

acryllic on canvas
50 x 120 cm

A Representation of Malachi's Life and Influence

mixed media on canvas
100 x 130 cm

acryllic on wood

each 35 x 200 cm

left: Growing Beyond (painted when I was 17 and representing my life at that time)
right: Finding the Good (painted when I was 27 and representing my life at that time) 
stay tuned for 37, 47...

Come What May 

oil and acrylic on canvas

150 x 90 cm

Some of my Instagram Favourites. More posted daily here.

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