Music Studio

I grew up in a house filled with music and studied voice and piano all my life. I have my ARCT in Vocal Performance with the Royal Conservatory of Music. I also have my advanced theory certification and I am a registered music teacher with the Royal Conservatory. I feel that music is the ultimate form of communication and a truly global language. 

I don't take students this young, but isn't this sweet?

Music instruction is a passion of mine and it brings me joy to share the gift of music with others. I have been teaching private music lessons for over 17 years.  All ages and abilities are always welcome. I enjoy and teach all musical genres with an emphasis on classical (which gives the best technical base). Lessons are offered in piano, voice, and music theory (Rudiments, Harmony, and History). 

I also work as a performer; a singer, a pianist, or an accompanist for vocalists or instrumentalists. I love providing music for special occasions. 

References are available upon request. 

Recent recordings,

From a Distance

Ave Maria

Blue Charlie Brown

Prelude in D Flat -Chopin

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

For Good

From Our First Moment

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